The Best EMF Protection – Shieldite

Shieldite Stone Pyramid

Shieldite provides the best EMF protection available; it is the only emf protection device that transmutes EMFs rendering them harmless. It is a rare natural stone that is 98% carbon and 2% other earth minerals and metals. Due to its unique molecular structure the Shieldite stone can interact with electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation giving it its unique ability to protect against EMFs.

What Is the Shieldite Stone

Although carbon alone is not a unique element and all types of life are carbon based it is the unique structure in which this carbon forms that gives Shieldite its unique ability to protect against EMFs. The carbon you might normally find in a water filter would normally be in clusters of 7-8 molecules; in comparison the carbon found in Shieldite comes in clusters of 70-80 molecules. These create hollow spheres invisible to the naked eye but are theorized to act as a cage for negative energy, such as electromagnetic radiation.shieldite structure

Another unique property in Shieldite is it can conduct electricity. You can use Shieldite as a conductor for and electrical current. This is important due to the electrical component found in EMFs. As the name describes an EMF is an electromagnetic field. It contains the properties of both an electric field and a magnetic field. The important factor here is EMFs can induce current (their energy) onto other objects including Shieldite. Shieldite is able to conduct the energy created by surrounding emfs absorbing a portion of it rending the remaining EMF harmless to the human body.

What Types of EMFs can Shieldite Protect from?

From our tests Shieldite can protect from all forms of EMFs, Radio waves and Microwaves. This is the entire spectrum of “electromagnetic radiation”, by protecting from all these forms of EMRs Shieldite provides the best emf protection available. While stronger types of electromagnetic radiation such as Radio and Microwaves, produced by cell towers or cell phones, require larger pieces of Shieldite, a simple Shieldite pendant will protect against the majority of daily EMFs you encounter.

Why is Shieldite Better than other EMF Protectors?

Shieldite provides the best EMF protection as it is the only EMF protector that transmutes EMFs rendering them harmless. Other forms of EMF protection can offer you benefits but simply work by repairing EMF damage that has already occurred and strengthening the body. Shieldite is different as it actually stops the EMFs from causing this damage in the first place. Prevention is always the best type of EMF protection. You can also combine Shieldite with any other type of EMF protector to double up on your EMF protection. Shieldite is compatible with all other EMF protection devices and even alone provides the best EMF protection.

Shieldite Best EMF Protection Pendant Shieldite is also the most affordable EMF protection solution as Shieldite Pendants start at only $29.95. In comparison other products which are used for emf protection can cost 10x as much and are not nearly as effective. This makes Shieldite affordable to everyone, as everyone deserves to be protected from EMFs.

Does Shieldite Work For Everyone?

We have found Shieldite works for the vast majority of the population. The only people who were not compatible with Shieldite were individuals that had reverse polarity. Shieldite is compatible and works for everyone else. People who are sensitive to EMFs will notice an immediate difference while others will notice their EMF symptoms reduce over time although may not feel anything directly. Remember Shieldite works in a way similar to removing the surrounding electromagnetic radiation. Unless you are already sensitive to EMFs not everyone will notice the difference between an EMF filled environment and an environment void of EMFs like Shieldite creates.

17 thoughts on “The Best EMF Protection – Shieldite

  1. I live in New York, USA. I moved into an apartment in the Bronx borough in December 2012. Immediately I began to feel unwell could not find the source. Two and one half months later I realized I live near a Verizon cell phone tower and has been exposed to the dreaded electromagnetic waves. My symptoms are many but my health prior to the exposure was at its optimum. How can order Shieldite?
    Thank you for responding.

    • Hello Beverly,

      You can order shieldite at

      Due to the cell phone tower being near your house it would probably be best to get some Shieldite pyramids for protection. You should start noticing a large improvement right away. Remember you will have to ground the Shieldite frequently due to the large EMF exposure.

  2. Hello , I have a weird situation I have electrical sensitivities , noticed a feww yres asgo if i left my supplements in my room during summer months i felt lousy when taking the supplements im figuring due to the AC unit sitting against the house next to that room..
    I just would move themn to the garage but recently the guy next door put all this solar panels up and its weird but my supplements pick up the negative energy ..
    I had taken a shoebox and lined it with tin foil this herlped in the past but nbow it helps but not completely just bought faraday bags so figured id put the supplemenmts in the bag then intyo the foil lined box , Now im thinking would putting one of these shield in the box help ,draw out the negative energy , very weird i know but this place is just badly electrically wired or something


  3. Hi there, I am interested in purchasing these rare rocks. What is the price? I wish to go travelling by plane, have had cancer so am trying to eliminate as much radiation and harmful rays I can. What would be required for plane travel and also for home use please? In the town I live in we have a small communications tower a few hundred metres away. Also am I able to wear this rock on my person as I go about my daily work? Thanking you Dyanne

  4. I purchased two of the shieldite pendants.
    The cord broke right away and I was wondering if I can put a metal chain on it instead? Also is it normal for the pendants to easily mark? ( Scrape like marks?)
    Thank you

  5. So has this has been tested against Smart Meters? I hear Smart Phones, Cell Phones, and Laptops; but love to see or hear of an illustration on the most dangerous EMF device there is, the Smart Meter.

  6. Hello,

    Is shieldite effective with wifi signals bouncing around the home? I know there are different types of radiation such as electric, radio (rf), microwave (cell towers) ,and others but those three are the most common affecting people. Does shieldite absorb all of these rays effectively or just some types better than others? Thank you.

  7. I am interested in purchasing some pendants, but I (and several friends who are also interested in these products) live in the north where it can snow heavily 7 months out of the year so grounding outside won’t always be possible. Also we have plastic pipes under the sinks so can I still ground a pendant or pyramid on the faucets?
    Thank-you, Jay

  8. Hello Dr. Ross

    I purchased one item on your website several months ago.
    the shieldite stone is very good indeed.
    I have also worked on a youtube channel and developing videos about the shieldite stone.
    I would like to post your video that is on your site on my youtube channel. I also would like to post some of your videos that talk about Cerawater too.
    On this channel there will be my affiliate link sending the viewers to to make a purchase if they want to and another link to Cerawater for people to make purchases.

    I would like to know if you find this suitable for promoting your iyashisource.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards


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