Types of Shieldite® EMF Protection

Shieldite® EMF Protection Pendants

Shieldite EMF protection pendants provide the best emf protection and are a perfect solution to provide emf protection for a single person. They come in various shapes and sizes, all providing equal EMF protection.



Shieldite® Cell Phone EMF Protectors

Shieldite cell phone EMF protectors attach directly onto your cell phone or cell phone case with double sided tape. They provide a high level of EMF protection directly next to them which is important when using a cell phone.


Shieldite® Tumbled EMF Protection Stones

Shieldite Tumbled EMF protection stones can be held directly on oneself or placed around an area to provide EMF protection. If you do not like wearing a pendant carrying some Shieldite EMF protection stones in your pocket is just as effective.

Shieldite® Pyramid, Cubes, and Bricks

Shieldite comes in various sizes of pyramids, cubes, spheres and even a large brick. These pieces are perfect for protecting a large area of space including your office, kitchen, bed room, living room etc. Everyone in the area will benefit from the EMF protection they provide.






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