How to Use & Ground Shieldite®

Shieldite is very simple to use but does require proper care and needs to be discharged by grounding or earthing it frequently.

Basic Use of Shieldite®

To use Shieldite for EMF protection you simply have to be in the vicinity of the Shieldite. Different sized pieces protect various distances. For example a small Shieldite Pendant typically protects a 4-6 foot radius, meaning from the center of the pendant there is protection in any direction extending out 4-6 feet. Larger pieces can easily protect 10+ feet in any direction making them suitable for protecting entire living spaces. Decide how much EMF protection you need then choose the size of piece/pieces you need.

Basic Care

As the structure of Shieldite is fairly empty due to its unique structure this also makes is more breakable and lighter than other stones. You will notice it will feel lighter than a similar sized rock but with this it is also more breakable. If dropped on a hard surface it will break.

Discharging through Grounding or Earthing

Shieldite must be discharged through grounding or earthing as it does absorb the negative energy from surrounding EMFs and will eventually fill up. Grounding or earthing is very simply to do, here a list of ways you can ground or earth your Shieldite.

Download the Shieldite Care & Grounding Guide here: Shieldite Care & Grounding Guide


  1. Put it on or buried in the physical soil connected to the earth.
  2. Place it on your sink faucet if your pipes are copper.
  3. Place it on any stainless steel appliance that is plugged in and uses a 3 prong plug.
  4. Use a grounding plug. (When using a ground plug or stainless steel appliance you should also check your home wiring system with a commercially available receptacle tester to check that your home ground wiring is working properly.)
  5. Use an earthing sheet or pad.

When first receiving Shieldite it should be discharged before using it. During the storage and shipping it will have picked up lots of negative energy and need to be grounded or earthed.

Shieldite should be grounded for 15-30 minutes depending on the size of piece. Pendants need to be grounded for 15 minutes while large pieces need to be grounded for up to 30 minutes. Shieldite pendants need to be grounded at least once daily; this can be accomplished by grounding them for 15 minutes in the morning when you wake up or 15 minutes in the evening before going to sleep. Larger pieces do not need to be grounded as frequently and only require grounding every several days. You can also keep larger pieces of Shieldite permanently grounded, this will keep them constantly discharged and working at their best.

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